Trump Blasts Biden As ‘Most Corrupt’ President In History

( – Former President Donald Trump once again slammed his rival, President Joe Biden, with another wave of insults, this time accusing him of having a “low IQ” and for being the “most corrupt” president in American history.

Trump made the remarks during a speech on Wednesday, December 13, in the Republican battleground state of Iowa, 33 days before the scheduled Iowa caucuses on January 15, 2024. Trump’s speech primarily focused on the failings of the Biden administration.

The former president noted how American families “are struggling under the brutal weight of Bidenomics” during the current holiday season. Trump said that the average family in the US “is $7,500 poorer” because of Biden’s “globalist blunders and greedy betrayals.” Trump then blasted the president, calling Biden a “low IQ individual,” which isn’t the first time he’s made such a comment.

Trump continued, calling Biden “the worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt president” in American history. He also claimed that the current administration is “running on the fumes” left behind from “the great success” of his administration that preceded. The former president said that “without us,” the country would’ve “crashed to levels never seen before” and that a depression similar to that of 1929 will happen if he isn’t elected once again.

Trump made the argument to his supporters in Iowa that no improvements have happened since Biden took office, and that people, their families, their neighbors, and the country as a whole “were better off” under the former president’s administration. He also said the nation was “stronger, richer, safer, and more confident than ever” when he was “behind that desk in the Oval Office.”

The former president also took shots at Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for skipping a deposition before the House of Representatives on the same day. Trump joked that the first son “went to the wrong place” after Hunter Biden held a press conference at the Senate side of Capitol Hill instead of the House side.

Although he’s facing multiple criminal indictments, Trump remains the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024.

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