Trump Slams Biden After US Troops Are Killed By Iran

( – Donald Trump has lashed out at President Biden over the deaths of three US troops in Jordan. Trump said the killings were part of an escalating war on America, which he blamed on Biden’s weakness. The former President claimed Iran was weak and “under control” when he was in the White House, and could not afford to fund its various proxy groups. But, he continued, after three years of Joe Biden, Iran is causing mayhem throughout the Middle East, including conducting a horrific attack on Israel, one of America’s most important allies.

Mr. Trump declared that the terror attack in Israel last October would never have happened under his leadership, and nor would the killings in Jordan. On his Truth Social media account, Trump wrote, “The War in Ukraine would never have happened, and we would right now have Peace throughout the World. Instead, we are on the brink of World War 3.”

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that Joe Biden will take the world to war and said he is the only Presidential candidate who will prevent this from happening. At a rally in Iowa last year, Trump said the world is in imminent danger, and the Biden administration is adding to the threat with its dangerous rhetoric about Russia, which had driven Vladimir Putin “right into the arms of China.”

Several lawmakers, including Republican Senators, have echoed Trump’s sentiments and urged the White House to get tough with Iran. Some advocate attacking the Islamic nation directly, while others say the US must display its strength throughout the Middle East. Iranian officials warned America that if it attacks inside Iranian territory, it will bring the two countries into direct conflict, and Iran will retaliate against American interests in the region.

Iranian proxy groups have targeted US bases in Syria and Iraq numerous times since the assault on Israel, but the drone strike in Jordan was the first to cause US casualties, marking a significant escalation.

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