Clinton Torches Young Pro-Hamas Protesters

( – Hillary Clinton lashed out at pro-Palestinian protestors, saying they know little about the Middle East, global, or American history. During a media interview, the former Secretary of State described how her husband, President Clinton, negotiated a deal that gave Palestinians 96% of what they were looking for, but they refused to accept it.

Clinton went on to describe how the deal, negotiated with then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, created a Palestinian state, but Arafat rejected it because he believed militants would have killed him. “It’s one of the great tragedies of history that he was unable to say yes,” she said.

Secretary Clinton is not the first person to point out an apparent lack of knowledge among the flocks of demonstrators calling for divestment and boycotting of Israel and accusing the Jewish state of apartheid and occupation.

For instance, tens of thousands of demonstrators protested in London for months after the terror attack on Israel on October 7, and when a reporter joined them and asked what they knew about the conflict, he discovered there was much confusion. One woman said she wasn’t sure what occurred on October 7, before conceding she should be “more clued up.”

Some conservative commentators, such as Bill O’Reilly, describe the protestors as “lemmings” manipulated by the far left, which blames the Western world for numerous crimes, including racism against black people. The left feels the same way about Israel, O’Reilly concludes, because it believes the Jewish state treats Arabs the same way.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton agrees, saying she had spoken to many young protestors, who confirmed their lack of knowledge. Clinton said she believed they had been subject to propaganda rather than education and called for university professors to be held accountable for the information they impart to students. “We also need to do a better job in our classrooms, particularly at the college or university level,” she said, adding that educational facilities are “wilfully” anti-Israel.

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