Governor Claims Nationalizing State National Guard Would Be Major Political Blunder For Biden

( – The power struggle over the border rages on between the Lone Star State and the federal government as they dispute who will handle the immigration crisis. The latest development is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s warning to President Joe Biden that if he decides to nationalize the Texas National Guard, it would be a serious “political blunder” for his administration.

Abbott appeared on Fox News on Monday, Jan. 29, and told host Sean Hannity that securing the border is the “number one issue in America” and that Americans want to see the border secured. He said that this is the reason he doesn’t think Biden will do it, after which he added that he’s also “prepared in the event” that Biden makes that mistake to ensure Texas may continue to secure its border.

The Texas governor recently defied a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the federal government allowing Border Patrol agents to cut or lift razor wire installed along the southern border. In Abbott’s statement, he said Texas would continue to take matters into its own hands to secure its territory if the Biden administration doesn’t fulfill its responsibility.

The ongoing dispute, which involves multiple lawsuits between Texas and the Department of Justice (DOJ), escalated on Jan. 10 after Border Patrol agents were turned away by Texas officials from Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. The agents showed up after three illegal immigrants died crossing the Rio Grande River. Both sides blamed one another for the deaths.

Shortly after, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the federal government over the wire, but the Texas National Guard appeared to ignore the court order, and the state continued constructing barriers along the border. Abbott justified the decision by claiming the Biden administration won’t enforce the immigration laws on the books.

Multiple Republican governors have since rallied to Abbott’s side, supporting Texas’ right to defend itself. Former President Donald Trump also weighed in and urged “all willing states” to send their National Guards to help Texas stop illegal immigrant crossings.

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