Mob Of Migrants Attack State Cops In Disturbing Attack

( – Another piece of shocking footage has emerged out of New York City, this time showing what appears to be a group of immigrants ganging up on two police officers.

The video shows an incident that happened in front of a migrant shelter located in Times Square in which New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were attacked by multiple individuals, who kicked and punched them.

The incident happened after cops tried to tell the men to move along and an altercation broke out between one of the suspects and the officers. After the suspect was wrestled to the ground, the other men surrounded the men on the ground and began punching and kicking the police officers who struggled to hold onto the man. They managed to free their friend and then the group ran away from the scene. NYPD later tracked down and arrested five people allegedly involved in the incident.

One of the suspects already had two open cases against him, one for assault and another for robbery. According to the New York Post, four of the immigrants arrested, ages 19-24, were released without bail after receiving charges for assault. The fifth suspect was caught shortly after and hit with a charge of attempted assault on an officer.

The surveillance footage, captured on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 27, went viral online and sparked concern from Americans across the country concerned about the ongoing crisis at the southern border where millions of new arrivals have entered the US over the last two years. One of the two cops involved in the fight was injured on his side and the other suffered a cut on his face.

Last month, following a wave of complaints from residents about crimes and loitering, New York City Mayor Eric Adams imposed a curfew on immigrants who are staying at state-funded shelters to try and mitigate the activity. Over the last two years, at least 172,000 border-crossers have come to the Big Apple, creating a situation Adams warned last year very well could “destroy” the city.

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