PA. Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 4 Points

( – Six months away from the general election, the surveys are flowing in seemingly every day. One of the latest shows is former President Donald Trump ahead of President Joe Biden by 4 points in Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, May 7, The Hill published poll results showing a 4-point advantage for Trump over Biden in the Keystone State. Between April 24 and April 30, 1,398 registered voters in Pennsylvania were surveyed in the poll, which has a 4 percentage point margin of error.

In overall support, Biden only received 45% while Trump came in at 49%. That gap widened when the poll looked only at voters over 50 years old, of which only 42% preferred Biden compared to 52% who supported Trump. When looking at voters younger than 50, Biden takes the lead at 48% and Trump came in at 45%.

When third-party candidates from the Libertarian Party and Green Party, Trump’s lead jumps to 5 points at 46% to Biden’s 41%. Green Party candidate Jill Stein received 5% support. Stein ran for president in 2016 and received 1.07% of the popular vote in the general election.

Generally, polls show the two main contenders are neck-and-neck, although several polls show Trump with a slight lead. State-specific polls show that Trump has a narrow lead over Biden in seven swing states. Including Pennsylvania, the other six are Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan.

A recent Emerson College/The Hill poll showed Trump ahead in North Carolina by 5 points, coming in at 47% compared to Biden at 42%. In Arizona, he’s ahead by 4 points, in Georgia by 3 points, and 2 points in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. In Nevada and Michigan, Trump has a 1-point advantage.

According to RealClearPolitics, the national polling average shows that November’s contest will surely be a tight race, with Trump at 46.1% and Biden at 44.9%.

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