DeSantis Claims Trump ‘Never Did A Thing’ To Stop BLM Riots

( – Following the most recent Republican presidential debate from last Wednesday, Jan. 10, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared for an interview on CNN and accused the GOP frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, of failing to stop the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 inspired by the death of George Floyd.

DeSantis told CNN that the riots happened on Trump’s watch, who he said “never did a thing to stop” the chaos from unfolding. DeSantis claims Trump provided no federal support to mitigate the riots, failing to deploy the National Guard to reestablish order.

DeSantis said although he has “hit” Trump, he would’ve “mixed it up more” with him if the former president had been on the debate stage, which DeSantis said he should’ve been. He mentioned that during the debate, they held Trump accountable for failing to use the Insurrection Act to stop the riots, “for not building the wall,” not carrying out mass deportations, and “other broken promises.” DeSantis said it would be easier to hold Trump accountable if he was “willing to go on the stage,” accusing the former president of avoiding the debates “because he knows [of] vulnerabilities in his record.”

DeSantis said Trump had the right and authority to invoke the act to stop the riots, which he said is “one of the whole reasons” for the Constitution, a fear of “mob violence.” The Florida governor mentioned the destruction of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Floyd died. He said it would probably take “decades” for that city to recover, something he maintains could’ve been avoided if Trump simply invoked the Insurrection Act.

A lot of hype surrounded the Florida governor’s campaign when he first launched, especially after an exclusive Twitter space discussion with Elon Musk. Despite the hype, DeSantis hasn’t been able to live up to it. DeSantis still sits in second place in the GOP primary polls but remains far behind Trump, who has been the frontrunner the entire time, polling over 60%.

Close behind DeSantis is former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, with newcomer and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy behind her in fourth place.

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