Target to Cut LGBTQ Pride Merchandise

( – Retail outlet Target has announced a reduction in its gay pride themed displays and products heading into the 2024 summer season. Target was lambasted last year after conservatives highlighted gay pride themed products for children, including gender-bending “tuck-friendly” bathing suits. Some products will only be offered online while in-store displays will be restricted based on location.

Many parents complained that the pride display was front and center as you walked into the store, and the bright colors were intentionally designed to grab the attention of small children. Target removed a number of items from the shelves due to the backlash and was hit with a boycott as well as a significant drop in second quarter sales.

Target’s stock price dropped 10% in value after all was said and done. Despite the financial impact, CEO Brian Cornell hailed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices as helpful and improving their business.

The company was also sued by one of its shareholders in Florida state court over claims that the company was inadequately monitoring the risk of stock price loss. Officials claimed that they had no idea that the backlash from conservatives across the country would be so devastating to their business.

Target was just one of many companies to suffer financial and stock harm after indulging racial or gender ideologies trendy among liberals and Democrats. Bud Light took tremendous damage to its brand after coordinating an advertising campaign with Dylvan Mulvaney, a campy gay content creator on social media who pretends to be a woman. It was estimated that the parent company, Anheuser-Busch suffered just under $20 billion in loss of its market capitalization by Sept 2023.

Finance professor Michael Busler with Stockton University in New Jersey focuses his research on public policy. He suggested to the media that the popular sentiments are reacting to perceived social pressure being exerted by leftists in corporate power. He suggested folks will vote with their dollars and punish companies that push radical ideologies.

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