Transgender Man Charged With Threats Against Nashville Christian School

( – The FBI has arrested a transgender former student of a Nashville Christian school for making terror threats. The arrest took place in March, almost a year after a shooting at the Covenant School, also in Nashville, left six people dead. Court documents unsealed on May 6 reveal that McKenzie McClure, who identifies as male, had been threatening the school, causing the cancelation of classes in March. CCTV images also show McClure loitering around school grounds, and social media messages contained menacing threats toward Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

On March 24, McClure left a voice message at Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA) saying the school knows who she is and suggesting she may go on a “murderous rampage.”

After that voicemail, the Nashville Police Department investigated but decided not to bring charges. That changed after McClure posted videos to Twitter showing herself on school grounds and mentioning the possibility of watching the “school burn.” These video clips were followed by others, in which the suspect issued threats to Republican lawmakers, including Senator Marsha Blackburn and Governor Lee.

Investigators subsequently found that McClure’s social media pages were filled with extreme views, including contempt for white people and the notion that the US government was responsible for 9/11.

McClure was the second transgender person arrested in a month for allegedly threatening schools. Andrea Ye, who identified as male, wrote a 129-page document outlining her intent to carry out mass shootings at Wootton High School and Lakewood Elementary School in Maryland.

An acquaintance of Ye’s had read the documents, which she called her “memoirs,” and thought the threat was serious enough to contact authorities. The file contained specific plans to conduct the shootings with an AR-15 rifle. “As I walk through the hallways, I cherry-pick the classrooms that are the easiest targets,” it stated, before pondering how to breach school security and bring the rifle inside.

Court documents note that Ye’s “memoirs” told the story of a transgender bullying victim seeking revenge on her tormentors.

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