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Conservative Sense is a US news publisher that focuses on providing the news to a conservative audience. We aim to provide honest reports that reflect the happenings of the day, offering you the straightforward facts you need to form your opinion. Our team delivers news to readers via email on a regular basis, making it easy to keep up with headlines from one week to the next.

Our Purpose

This publication exists to bring valuable news reports to the everyday, conservative American. Too often, mainstream news coverage narrows the viewpoint to a few specific sentiments, leaving out millions of readers who might feel differently. Conservative voices often find themselves among the silenced, with the stories that interest them buried far below the fold. We’re here to give equal coverage to stories that might not make it to the most recognizable news outlets.

What We Value

We value logic, honesty, and fact-driven news, and we’re here to help you navigate the events unfolding in our world. Although we publish news with the conservative reader in mind, we’re mindful of the importance of ethical, neutral reporting. We offer the truth in every post because we understand the importance of acting as a free press. As long as the First Amendment stands, we’ll stand beside it–because free speech is part of what makes America unique.

About the Conservative Sense Team

The team here at Conservative Sense is dedicated to uncovering the facts in today’s news, then bringing them to you so you can stay informed. Because you depend on us for reliable information and factual coverage, we take our jobs seriously. We follow strict editorial guidelines to ensure our news is top-notch, well researched, and honest.

News for Conservative Readers, Delivered to Your Inbox

Like you, we’re always looking for honest news sources–and we strive to emulate that same honesty in our reporting. We respect your stance and your right to your own opinion, formed freely and without manipulation. Our stories are not meant to sway you into a specific, biased viewpoint, but instead to guide you to make up your own mind about the stories of the day.

Common Sense News

Looking for simple, straightforward news stories that cover current events, politics, the economy, and developing news? Look no further than Common Sense News. These daily news reports follow a wide range of issues both nationwide and around the world.

Rational Reports

Rational Reports are regular feature stories from Conservative Sense that cover broad, sweeping topics that affect US interests, both nationally and internationally. We’ll bring you expanded facts and context that will help you digest what’s happening in the world at large. You’re not alone in keeping up with the current news of the day. Our team will be with you on the journey.

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