US To Impose Visa Bans On Israeli Settlers Soon

( – According to a senior official from the State Department last week, President Joe Biden and his administration informed Israel that the US government is considering visa bans over the next few weeks for any Israeli extremists engaged in violations against Palestinians in the West Bank.

In a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and State Secretary Antony Blinken, Netanyahu was informed that the US would take action against any Israeli settlers in the West Bank who are involved in violent conflict with Palestinian civilians in the territory.

Palestinians in the region primarily occupy two territories: the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Since the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas and the resulting Israeli retaliation, more than 13,000 people have died in the conflict. There’s also been a spike in violence between Jewish settlers and Palestinians along their territorial borders over the past few months. The surge in violence is the highest seen in 15 years.

A spokesperson for the Israeli government, Eylon Levy, said the government had no comment on the White House warning, although it was reiterated that Israel opposes any citizens engaged in vigilantism or attempting to resolve conflicts themselves without law enforcement.

Biden addressed the rising violence happening in the West Bank in a Washington Post opinion piece published on Nov. 18. He is threatening to take action. The president noted that despite his sympathy “with Israel’s leaders,” he condemned “extremist violence against Palestinians,” which he said “must stop” and that those engaged in violence be “held accountable.” The president said the US “is prepared to take” its “own steps,” which include banning visas “against extremists” who attack Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

The official from the State Department who commented on the matter wished to remain anonymous. The official said that Washington is pressing Israel to prosecute Israelis committing violence and that visa bans could come within the next few weeks if the Jewish state shows no signs of disciplining perpetrators.

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