Democrat Arrested Over Alleged Burglary At Stepmom’s Home

( – A Democratic state senator in Minnesota was arrested last week in an attempted burglary, and her punishment could potentially compromise the Democratic Party’s majority in the state Senate.

On Monday, April 22, Sen. Nicole Mitchell was arrested on charges of burglary when police caught her at a residence following an “active burglary” report.

The Detroit Lakes Police Department (DLPD) went to a home in Detroit Lakes at approximately 4:45 AM in response to the burglary tip. When they arrived, they found Mitchell in the basement. According to the criminal complaint, the 49-year-old state lawmaker was dressed all in black and was hiding when they discovered her. The residence belongs to her stepmother who has now taken out a restraining order against Mitchell.

According to Mitchell, she was trying to retrieve items she claimed belonged to her father and that the stepmother would not speak to her anymore. Those items include a shirt, pictures, and an urn full of ashes. After police caught Mitchell, she told them that she was “clearly… not good at this” and admitted that she knew she “did something bad.”

The Minnesota senator was booked at Becker County Jail and now faces first-degree burglary charges. After a court appearance on Tuesday, April 23, Mitchell was released on recognizance.

Mitchell was elected in 2022. If she loses her seat, it could impact the Democratic Party’s majority lead in the state’s Congress, which is currently held by a single seat.

Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy called the allegations “upsetting” and said the behavior was “far outside” Mitchell’s character. Murphy reiterated a belief in due process and said Mitchell had “the right to a full defense” in court.

In contrast, Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson called on the senator to resign for failing “to meet a high standard of conduct” expected of legislators.

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