Tensions Rise At Pro-Palestinian Rallies Across US

(ConservativeSense.com) – While tensions in the Middle East continue to boil over during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian territories, pro-Palestinian protests and pro-Israel counter-protests erupted across the US last weekend, leading to some civil unrest.

One of the major rallies took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Sunday afternoon. Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked traffic near a bridge. The police responded to disturbance reports from residents, including an incident in which a man drove his vehicle through a crowd of demonstrators, some of whom chased after the car. While protesters kicked the vehicle and tried to stop the driver, he eventually reversed and sped away. No injuries were reported from the incident, according to law enforcement.

On the same day, someone fired a single gunshot into the air in Illinois, where pro-Palestinian protesters clashed with pro-Israeli protesters in Skokie. Police responded to the unrest, and multiple people were maced during the confrontation.

The pro-Palestine protest was initially planned to be held at a different spot, but it was relocated when demonstrators found out that a solidarity event for Israel was taking place in Skokie. One of the pro-Palestine organizers said they moved their event to confront the solidarity protesters, who he said are “racist apologists.”

In New York City, over a dozen people were arrested on Saturday during a pro-Palestinian rally at Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. Many of the demonstrators called for a ceasefire between the two sides of the conflict. Chaos erupted after protesters were ordered to clear the roadway, some of whom responded by striking officers and throwing eggs and debris at police.

After an attack on Israel by the militant Palestinian group Hamas on October 7, killing possibly over 1,000 people in Israel and taking hostages, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responded with a complete siege on the Palestinian territory, leading to thousands more deaths in the conflict.

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