More Americans Trust Trump Over Biden

( – Another poll pitting the two major party frontrunners against one another showed former President Donald Trump coming out on top in voter trust. The results found that people trust the former president more than President Joe Biden to handle critical issues that will decide the next election and the nation’s future.

The poll was conducted by ABC News/Ipsos in late April and released on Sunday, May 5, and examined how respondents felt about Biden and Trump regarding three critical issues: crime, immigration, and the economy. The poll surveyed 2,260 American voters across the nation for a period of five days, between April 25 and April 30.

Trump came out ahead in all of these areas with a 14-point lead on inflation and the economy, and 17 points on the question of which candidate could be trusted most when handling the immigration crisis. Regarding crime and safety, more voters also had more trust in Trump, who had an 8-point lead.

Although many polls show Biden and Trump are neck-and-neck in a projected general election, many more show Trump has a notable lead. What’s especially concerning for the Biden campaign is how many of the polls show Trump ahead in the seven key swing states likely to decide the contest: Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

The recent ABC/Ipsos survey confirmed previous findings which showed that the economy, inflation, crime, and immigration are the top concerns on voters’ minds heading into November, and will play a significant factor in how they decide to vote. Respondents were questioned on other issues as well, such as foreign wars, which more voters trusted Trump to handle, while Biden came out ahead in abortion and healthcare.

Trump came out ahead in overall support at 46%, while Biden had 44% of support. Respondents were also asked about the mental and physical fitness of both candidates, and Trump beat Biden in that area, too.

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