Trump Suffers Huge Vote Against Him in Indiana Primary

( – Former President Donald Trump received a warning in the polls from Republicans in Indiana that his popularity there may have waned over the last four years, even though he still swept up the delegates with no competition in sight.

The Indiana primary election took place on Tuesday, May 7, and both Trump and President Joe Biden claimed their delegates for their respective parties, but not all GOP voters fell in line with the current trajectory. Although Trump continued his domination as the presumptive GOP nominee and easily won the primary with 78.3% of the vote, 21.7% of GOP voters cast their ballot for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who dropped out of the race over two months ago.

Haley received over 128,000 votes, which is no small sum in Indiana. Trump claimed all of the state’s 58 delegates, which brought his total delegates to 2,037, a substantial sum next to Haley’s 97 delegates. After his victories in Mississippi, Washington, and Georgia, the former president already had enough delegates in March needed to secure the GOP nomination

The concern over Indiana comes from the indication that many voters remain unconvinced by Trump and view Haley as more of a moderate candidate. A similar sign emerged in the Pennsylvania primary at the end of April, in which Haley secured over 158,000 votes, amounting to 16.6% while already out of the race. The continued support for Haley has somewhat overshadowed Trump’s crushing victories, and some polls have even indicated many of those voters would not turn out to support Trump in November.

Haley, who dropped out in March, went the distance more than every other candidate, who bowed out early when they realized that support for the president was just far too strong. As Republicans rally around the obvious nominee, Haley has still not endorsed him.

The next primary contests will be held on Tuesday, May 14, to determine the delegates for Nebraska, West Virginia, and Maryland, which will also likely all be awarded to Trump and Biden.

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