SHOCKING – Countless Kids & Migrants Rescued From Trailer

( – One hundred and twenty-three South and Central American migrants were rescued by Mexican authorities last week after they were discovered trapped inside a locked trailer.

Last Wednesday, a massive group of migrants were located by authorities in the city of Matehuala in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They were discovered trapped inside a locked shipping trailer by a resident who heard cries for help coming from the trailer. Most of the migrants originated from Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. There were also four Ecuadorian nationals and one from Cuba.

How the migrants ended up stuck inside the trailer or their final destination was not specified by officials. Despite this, it’s known that such groups transported in this manner typically end up attempting to make their way into the United States. According to the National Immigration Institute of Mexico, after being found, the migrants were given medical assistance, provisions, and temporary shelter accommodations.

Three individuals allegedly smuggling migrants into the US were caught by police the same day in Ciudad Juarez, just across from El Paso, Texas. Two of the smugglers were only 16 years old, according to Chihuahua state security, and 11 migrants from Guatemala were found trapped inside a house.

Concurrently, a caravan of around 7,000 people was heading toward the border. The caravan passed through southern Mexico and was the largest of the year. Three thousand migrants also blocked a highway in Chiapas, Mexico, near Huixtla. The giant group of migrants claimed they were living in fear of the cartels seeking payments for their safe passage. The protesters marched into the following day, demanding the Mexican government grant them temporary documentation to allow them safe passage to the US border.

Since October 2022, over 2.2 million border-crossers have been detained at the US-Mexico border by US Customs and Border Protection. The massive influx doesn’t seem to be showing signs of stopping anytime soon, and cities across the US are feeling the strain of the new arrivals as resources are pushed to the brink trying to care for all of them.

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