New Poll Suggests This Candidate Could Defeat Biden!

( – Surprise findings from a new poll suggest that Nikki Haley would beat President Biden in a one-on-one match-up. The GOP Presidential candidate has increased her ranking since the first Republican debate in Milwaukee last month, and a CNN poll from September 7 will likely give her an even more substantial boost.

The survey asked voters to rank their favored candidate in hypothetical contests between President Biden and the leading GOP primary runners. In a match-up between Biden and Trump, the former President won by 47% to 46% – well within the margin of error. Ron DeSantis is neck-and-neck with Biden at 47%, while Mike Pence beats him by 46% to 44%, again within the margin of error. The only GOP contender outside the error margin was Haley, who defeated President Biden by 49% to 43%.

Haley’s backing received a major boost on the back of the Milwaukee debate, and she is using her surprising rise as a campaign slogan. Following Milwaukee, she began selling t-shirts saying “Underestimate Me – That’ll Be Fun,” and political commentators suggested she would be “noticed” more as the competition progressed. Furthermore, she raised more than a million dollars in the 72 hours after the debate, and some polls placed her on an equal footing with Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor DeSantis is not enjoying the same positive news stories as Haley as his support collapses. DeSantis started his campaign in a position where pundits saw him as a genuine contender to Trump, but his percentages dropped significantly and donors pulled out.

In GOP primary surveys in early September, Governor DeSantis is polling as low as 12%. He remains in second place, but some results show Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley hot on his heels. Taking the former President out of the race, results suggest a tight contest between DeSantis and Ramaswamy.

Donald Trump remains the clear frontrunner. A Morning Consult poll in September puts him 45% ahead of Ron DeSantis.

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