Jim Jordan Close To Speakership – Biggest Critic Is ENDORSING Him!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and his supporters were able to sway his biggest critic into endorsing Jordan for Speaker of the House, even though Jordan narrowly failed to secure the role during the first vote the following day.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama, who opposed the eight Freedom Caucus Republicans who joined with Democrats to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker over two weeks ago, was also reportedly organizing with other members of his committee to vote on the floor against Jordan. Initially, Rogers expressed interest in trying to work with House Democrats to form a more unified government through the next Speaker rather than forming ranks around Jordan, which other conservatives criticized.

Rogers has since changed his mind, throwing his support behind Jordan on Monday. Rogers stated on Twitter that the Republican majority will be “stronger” working as one “to fight [President] Joe Biden’s reckless agenda” for the nation.

Despite winning Rogers over and saying he felt “really good” about his prospects before the vote, Jordan failed to secure enough Republican support on Tuesday to win Speaker on the first ballot. Jordan needed 217 votes to become Speaker, but 20 Republicans voted against him. Six voted for McCarthy to retake the role, seven voted for House Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise of Lousiana, and three picked former New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, along with a few others who received votes.

The Republicans who oppose Jordan are angry about the way former Speaker McCarthy was ousted and about the rejection of Scalise to replace him. Democrats also oppose Jordan more than most other prospects, accusing the representative of supporting the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Jordan will have an uphill battle convincing enough of Congress to support him. More of them will have to be swayed the way Rogers was into forming ranks behind Jordan in order to break the stalemate.

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