House Judiciary Investigators Question Special Counsel Weiss On Hunter Biden Probe

( – Special counsel Davis Weiss, who is leading the probe into Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, had a closed-door meeting on Tuesday with the House Judiciary Committee, NBC News reported.

Weiss agreed to voluntarily meet with the Judiciary Committee to clarify inconsistencies between his statements on the Hunter investigation and testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who alleged that the DOJ was blocking Weiss from bringing charges against the president’s son.

Weiss is the first special counsel to face questions from congressional investigators before a probe has been completed. While the details of the closed-door testimony are not known, Weiss was expected to only answer questions about his authority to bring charges and not specifics about the investigation.

A spokesperson for the special counsel said on Monday that Weiss would appear voluntarily “about the scope of his authority” and chose to testify before the investigation concluded “to make clear that he’s had and continues to have full authority” over the investigation, including the authority to “bring charges in any jurisdiction.”

In his opening statement to the committee, which was released to the press after it ended, Weiss told the Judiciary Committee investigators that he would “address misunderstandings” regarding the scope of his authority in deciding “where, when, and whether to bring charges.”

Weiss said in his opening statement that he would share further information in a report once his investigation into Hunter has concluded and did not intend to answer any questions that might “jeopardize” the ongoing probe, litigation, “or the rights of the defendants” or others involved.

Weiss reiterated in his statement that he must adhere to federal laws, DOJ guidelines, and the principles of federal prosecution. He insisted that he was at no time “blocked” by other US Attorneys, the DOJ Tax Division, or anyone in the Justice Department from taking the necessary steps in investigating the president’s son or “from pursuing charges.”

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