GOP Senators Urge Biden To Ban Travel From US & China To Prevent Mystery Illness

( – A group of GOP senators has called on President Biden to institute a travel ban from China to stop the spread of a new illness that has emerged there. The letter claimed that China has a history of lying about public health issues, and as such, its leaders cannot be taken at their word that the disease is not a cause for concern.

The Chinese National Health Commission said the illness, which has caused a spike in hospital admissions in the north of the country, has merely resulted from a cessation of lockdown measures, and the rise in pneumonia is predictable and expected. Mi Feng, a Health Commission official, said the communist government will open more vaccination centers and increase uptake by children and elderly people, as well as encourage people to wear masks and ensure their hands are clean.

In the letter to the President, the Republican Senators wrote that former President Trump was right to restrict travel from China to the US at the start of the COVID pandemic and that the Biden White House should follow suit. “A ban on travel now could save our country from death, lockdowns, mandates, and further outbreaks later,” it states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have supported China’s remarks on the illness and, in testimony to lawmakers, said the disease is linked to existing viruses and bacteria and does not indicate the emergence of a new infection.

prominent Australian doctor has further backed up that claim. Dr. Nick Coatsworth, a former deputy chief health officer, said the disease is known as “white lung syndrome” and is a known form of pneumonia. In a tweet, Dr. Coatsworth said the phrase “mystery new illness” is an “attempt to squeeze a bit more juice out of our fear of infectious pathogens.”

Marco Rubio of Florida, Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville, Mike Braun of Indiana, JD Vance of Ohio, and Florida’s Rick Scott signed the letter to Biden.

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