Four Recent Attacks On US Troops By Iranian-Backed Groups Confirmed

( – Since October 17, there have been more than 40 drone and missile attacks launched on US military personnel in Syria and Iraq, including four attacks in 24 hours last Thursday, Reuters reported.

According to a US official, last Thursday, Iranian-backed militias launched four separate attacks. Three US service members sustained minor injuries in the attacks, but all have returned to duty.

On Thursday morning, a US-led convoy was hit by an IED near Mosul Dam; however, there were no reported casualties. The convoy was accompanied by counter-terrorism forces from Iraq, and one vehicle was damaged.

In a second attack, a one-way attack drone targeting US and coalition forces at Ain al-Asad airbase outside of Baghdad was shot down before reaching its target. No casualties were reported, and no damage was sustained.

Multiple drone strikes targeting the coalition forces at al-Harir air base in Erbil were averted when the drones were shot down before reaching the targets.

The Iraqi Kurdistan counter-terrorism service said in a statement that the drones targeting al-Harir caused a fire at a fuel depot. The US-led coalition had evacuated the base on October 20.

Since the attacks on US forces began, 56 service members have sustained minor injuries or traumatic brain injuries; however, all of them have returned to duty, according to the Pentagon.

The US attributes the attacks to Iranian-backed militias and says Tehran bears the ultimate responsibility. However, Tehran has denied any involvement in the attacks, saying that the militias are acting of their own accord.

Militias in Iraq have warned that the attacks on US targets will continue as long as the United States continues to support Israel in its war against Hamas.

Last Thursday, the White House announced that the US attacked targets in Syria, destroying weapons to prevent Iranian-backed separatists from attacking US forces in the region.

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