Democrat Mayors BEG Biden For Help With Migrant Surge

( – It seems so-called “sanctuary” cities and townships are continuing to change their tune from welcoming waves of migrants from over the southern border to requesting President Joe Biden and his administration grant them billions in aid to support the new arrivals.

An urgent meeting was requested of Biden by the mayors of New York, Chicago, Houston, Denver, and Los Angeles last week in a joint letter. The letter by the Democratic leaders urges the Biden administration to remember that although the $1.4 billion already provided is much appreciated, much more funds are still needed to lighten the load on their communities. The mayors are asking for a striking $5 billion in federal aid.

The mayors said in the letter that despite “greatly” appreciating “the additional federal funding proposed,” their “city budgets” and the “local taxpayers” continue to carry “the brunt” of the ongoing immigration crisis. They also noted that “historically,” cities have had the most “success” with integrating “new migrants.”

The letter was signed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, and Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Although the president has requested that Congress set aside $1.4 billion to help communities around the country shoulder the burden, Democratic leadership is demanding more. The mayors claim that “essential city services” have been cut due to reliance “on municipal budgets” to “care for the asylum seekers,” which they said is “not sustainable.”

As shelters are pushed to the brink in Democrat-run cities, Republican leaders have little sympathy for these mayors, who initially invited migrants with open arms. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, both Republicans, have been too focused on trying to lighten the burden on their own states by busing migrants out to the designated “sanctuary” states.

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