Conservatives Applaud McCarthy for Reporter’s Biden Wrongdoing Admission

( – United States Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy caused a stir on social media recently when he pushed back on a reporter who accused the Speaker of launching an impeachment inquiry on President Joe Biden without any evidence.

A reporter for the Associated Press accused the House Speaker of launching an impeachment inquiry “without evidence.” McCarthy then forced the reporter, Farnoush Amiri, to admit that there’s actually a lot of evidence supporting an impeachment inquiry.

The clip shows Amiri mentioning to McCarthy that some fellow Republicans don’t think the Speaker has any grounds yet, according to the investigation, to impeach Biden. The reporter then asked McCarthy if that was “an assessment” he shared.

The House Speaker responded to Amiri, reminding her that “an impeachment inquiry is not an impeachment,” and then went on to explain that the point of the process “is to get answers to questions.” McCarthy then posed a question to the reporter herself, asking if she was “concerned about all the stuff” she learned recently about the president. He went on to list a series of instances of possible wrongdoing by Biden that many feel deserve to be looked into.

McCarthy also asked the reporter if she believed “the president lied” to the public when he denied speaking with his son, Hunter Biden, about his foreign business dealings. “Yes or no?” he asked. Amiri replied that she could not answer, to which McCarthy asked if she believed Biden “went on conference calls.” She replied that it’s “what the testimony says.”

The House speaker continued to press her until Amiri asked if lying was “an impeachable offense.” McCarthy said he didn’t have the answer but that “the American public would like to know.” Conservatives online reacted favorably to McCarthy’s response, criticizing the reporter for incompetence and for behaving more like an activist than a reporter. The Associated Press put out a statement standing by Amiri, whom they described as a “respected journalist.”

On August 12, McCarthy gave his approval to carry out an impeachment inquiry of the president and stated that “serious and credible allegations” had been uncovered by House Republicans.

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