Border Crisis Could Hide Terrorist Cells

Refugee men and metal fence. Refugee crisis concept.

( – Could the crisis at the southern border create a smokescreen for terrorist cells to enter the United States? That’s what a former commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told Newsmax this week as the migrant crisis continues to impact the entire nation.

On Monday, Mark Morgan, who used to work as the Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, appeared on “Wake Up America” and said terrorist cells similar to those activated in the recent attack by Hamas in Israel could also be coming into the US over the border. Morgan said that over 1.6 million illegals have gotten away with crossing the US-Mexico border and “that we know nothing about” these people. Morgan said terrorist cells could be in the US “right now, planning the next terrorist attack,” while American citizens and lawmakers “have no idea.”

Morgan said CBP has caught individuals from over 170 countries since President Joe Biden took office. These countries include Russia, China, Serbia, Pakistan, and Somalia. He said these individuals could be potential threats to US national security and that when there’s “chaos and confusion” at the borders, it “breeds opportunities” to be exploited by those who wish to harm the US. Morgan said this is “exactly” what’s happening at the southern border.

The former CBP commissioner said anyone who is claiming that allowing people to cross into the country without properly vetting them isn’t a risk to national security isn’t “being honest” with American citizens.

Morgan was also joined on Newsmax by Charles Marina, a former adviser for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who said that how secure a country’s borders are directly correlates with how secure the country is as a whole.

Threats from terrorist cells are just one of the many risks of loose border control. Some of the other effects, including providing shelter and social services to people who cannot even legally work, are being felt across the country now, and not just in border states like Texas and Arizona.

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