Woke WONDERLAND – Another Company Dives In!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Sportswear giant Nike is to host a panel discussion including a doctor who performs “gender-affirming” surgery on kids as part of its Pride month celebrations. In an email to staff, Nike management said the month’s tributes to the so-called LGBTQIA+ community would include a discussion with Dr. Blair Peters, who is based in Oregon and specializes in “gender-affirming” care.

On the Oregon Health and Science University website, Dr. Peters is introduced with the pronouns he/they. He “offers the full range of facial, chest and genital surgery.” On his Twitter account last year, Dr. Peters, who describes himself as “queer” and “gender-diverse,” boasted about removing the healthy breast tissue of three young women in a single day.

In a “top surgery” procedure, usually performed on young girls, surgeons remove breast tissue and sew the remaining skin together to create a male appearance. In reverse, men who wish to appear as women have an operation known as breast augmentation. This involves placing breast implants under the chest skin. These procedures cost around $6,000 to $12,000.

Genital surgery for males who want to appear female involves entirely removing the external male genitalia. When this is complete, a hole is created between the rectum and urethra to serve as the “vagina.”

For females to “transition” to males, bottom surgery involves removing tissue from an arm or leg and refashioning it to appear as male genitalia which is then attached to the girl’s body.

These procedures cost around $30,000.

Nike is already under fire from critics of the trans movement for signing Dylan Mulvaney to an ad campaign for female sportswear. Mulvaney is the transgender TikTok influencer who prompted a boycott of Bud Light when he appeared in an ad campaign for the beer. A similar call to boycott Nike was led by British Olympic swimming champion Sharron Davies, who said the company’s decision to use a male to sell female clothing was a “kick in the teeth” for women.

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