Trump: ‘Constitution Much More Important Than Jail’

( – Donald Trump dismissed jail threats from New York Judge Juan Merchan, saying the Constitution is more important than a prison cell. Judge Merchan issued his tenth fine against the former President for breaking a gagging order he imposed last month. The Judge again warned Mr. Trump that he would send him to jail if he persisted in making public statements in violation of the order. He added that he considered this a last resort but would not hesitate to impose it.

Outside the courtroom, Trump told reporters that the gag order was “disgraceful” because it prevented him from answering many of their questions. He hinted that he was willing to spend time in prison if necessary. “Our Constitution is much more important than jail,” he declared.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed that the city’s infamous Rikers Island jail was ready to receive Mr. Trump. Speaking to reporters at City Hall, the Mayor said Rikers is staffed by professionals who will handle Mr. Trump’s arrival like any other prisoner should the situation arise.

Former President Trump is ordered to refrain from speaking about jurors, witnesses, court officials, or their family members, and Judge Merchan has previously fined him for violating that order on his Truth Social media account. As part of his latest warning, Merchan told Trump that sending him to jail is “the last thing” he wants to do but stated that his actions amount to a “direct attack on the rule of law.”

Trump firmly maintains that he is the victim of legal persecution and said Judge Merchan has violated his First Amendment Constitutional right to free speech. He furiously argues that others are permitted to lie about him, but his ability to respond has been thwarted. Unlike previous violation citations, the latest involved Trump’s discussion with reporters outside the courthouse and his insistence that the jury was selected too quickly and was stacked with Democrats.

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