University Of Florida Slams Leftist Protesters, Issues Arrests

( – The University of Florida said it will take tough action against left-wing protestors as anti-Israel demonstrations took hold nationwide. Authorities confirmed that campus police had made several arrests, and many face expulsion or suspension for failing to adhere to stringent university rules that permit protest but prohibit specific activities.

A university statement made clear that students will not be treated as children but will face the consequences of their actions. It said officials had “patiently” explained rules repeatedly and gave demonstrators “multiple opportunities to comply.” Spokesperson Steve Orlando said that while protests enjoy constitutional protection, damage to university property, disruption, or threats are strictly prohibited. “This is not complicated,” he added.

Records show that nine students were taken to jail on charges including resisting arrest, trespass, and one felony battery charge for a demonstrator who allegedly spit at a police officer. The detention provoked condemnation from state lawmaker Yvonne Hinson, who said police should stand down and allow students to exercise their constitutional rights. The Democrat said she “wholeheartedly condemned” police action that suppressed free expression.

Fresh demonstrations against the arrests followed, backed by the Faculty for Justice in Palestine, who described the police action as “shameful.” A judge later released eight of the nine arrested students, but Allan Hektor Frasher, arrested on battery charges, remained in detention.

In the immediate aftermath of the Hamas attack on Israel last October, Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the deactivation of some pro-Palestinian groups and societies in colleges across the Sunshine State. DeSantis noted that a group known as National Students for Justice in Palestine had produced a “toolkit” in which Operation Al-Aqsa Flood is described as “resistance.”

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood is the name given to the October 7 attack by Hamas, and by praising it, DeSantis said the group was providing support to a terrorist organization and, therefore, violating Floridian law.

The protests at the University of Florida mirror those taking place across American campuses, where hundreds have been arrested.

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