Transgender Male Runs Man Over, Kisses Him, Repeatedly Stabs Him

( – A transgender-identifying man in Houston, Texas, murdered another man last week by running over the victim and then stabbing him to death.

On Friday, May 3, Steven Anderson was murdered in front of his home by a trans-identifying man who ran him over, kissed him, and then finished off the 64-year-old with a knife. The suspect is a 20-year-old male who goes by the name Karon Fisher.

The incident was caught on video from a surveillance camera. In that footage, a car can be seen speeding into the frame, swerving, and then striking Anderson as he was retrieving his mail and looking back quickly in disbelief. Fisher allegedly proceeded to back over Anderson’s body and then drove off. As neighbors approached the victim, Fisher returned to the scene on foot. He then flipped over Anderson’s body, straddled the victim, kissed him, and finally stabbed Anderson nine times. Fisher ran off back toward his car and drove away from the scene.

Houston law enforcement said they “responded to a call for service” from a neighbor “who failed to stop and render aid” to someone else in front of a residence on the 7000 block of Woodridge Square Drive, who they later “found unresponsive in the driveway” and identified as Anderson. After receiving tips from witnesses on Fisher’s whereabouts “at a nearby location,” he was soon detained by detectives, who then questioned, charged, and booked Fisher at the Harris County Jail.

According to Harris County court records, Fisher faces murder charges, charges for evading arrest, and for assaulting medical personnel. Fisher was already on community supervision after evading an earlier arrest in 2023 and was charged in 2021 for prostitution although that case was dismissed.

Fisher is being held on a bond of $2 million and is due to return to court on May 24. Law enforcement has not revealed details yet about Fisher’s motivation or the nature of his prior relationship with Anderson.

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