Trump’s Election Fraud Lawyer Could Be in Deep Trouble

( – One of Donald Trump’s former attorneys has been accused of lying to investigators by telling them he did not have a social media presence during the 2020 Presidential election campaign. Kenneth Chesebro, who agreed a plea deal with the DA’s office in Georgia and cooperated with prosecutors in other states, told investigators in Michigan that he has never had a Twitter account. However, CNN reports that he was behind an account known as BadgerPundit, which proposed placing electors in Republican legislatures to declare Trump the winner.

Legal experts say Mr. Chesebro could be in trouble if he misled the investigation, even if the statements were made under a proffer – an agreement that what he said could not be used against him.

On the day Biden was declared winner, the BadgerPundit account tweeted that Trump did not need the courts to announce his victory, but the former President should convince Republicans that the election was rigged and impossible to rerun, “so they should appoint electors instead.”

Chesebro’s attorneys admitted to CNN that the BadgerPundit account does belong to their client but claim he used it just to let off steam and not as part of his legal work for the Trump 2020 campaign.

While officials have not yet charged Mr. Chesebro with any crime, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her team is “interested” in the social media revelations and will look into it.

Georgia prosecutors charged Wisconsin native and former Democrat Kenneth Chesebro, along with 18 others, over attempts to interfere with the election result there. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to file false documents under a plea arrangement.

Following his testimony to the House of Representatives investigation into January 6, the committee concluded that Chesebro was the chief architect of the so-called fake electors plot. Under this plan, fake ascertainment certificates would be passed to Mike Pence, showing that Trump won the election in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Georgia.

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