Bill Barr Believes The Biggest Threat Is The Far Left, Not Trump

( – Trump administration US Attorney Bill Barr said Donald Trump is not a threat to US democracy, and the real danger comes from the radical political left. Speaking to Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Mr. Barr, who has criticized Trump, confirmed he would vote for the former President in November because the Biden administration presents a far greater danger to America’s future.

Barr said he agreed with Donald Trump’s policies but disapproved of his behavior. Dismissing claims that Mr. Trump will act as a dictator if re-elected, Barr said the extreme left, encouraged by the Democrats, is installing a socialist system in America with little opposition. He added that this system “cancels” people and allows only one narrative in schools and colleges, expelling and ignoring the voices of concerned parents. Mr. Barr called left-wing activists “a heavy-handed bunch of thugs.”

The latest comments signal a change in view from Mr. Barr, who has previously said he would jump off a bridge if Trump is the Republican Presidential nominee. Nevertheless, he still considers the former President the better choice, even though he contends that the options are “terrible.”

In further comments, the former US Attorney described the criminal case unfolding in Manhattan against Donald Trump as “obviously political.” He called the proceedings “an abomination” and wondered why, seven years after Trump’s former lawyer paid an adult actress to stay silent about an alleged affair, the matter is considered so important. Barr called it “far-fetched” and accused prosecutors of trying to insert a federal crime into where it doesn’t belong.

Prosecutors allege that when Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, paid Stormy Daniels not to mention an affair with the former President – which he denies – it was an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, making it a federal crime. Barr said, “They’re just wrong on the law.” He cited the Trump prosecution as an example of the threat posed by the political left.

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