Clinton: Trump Wants to Rule Like Putin

( – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took some fresh shots at former President Donald Trump in a recent interview in which she accused her past rival of seeking to emulate authoritarian world leaders such as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un or Russian President Vladimir Putin by using similar tactics to suppose political opposition and erode the principles of democracy. Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters believe that is what the Democratic Party is doing to him.

According to a Daily Mail report, Clinton appeared on a podcast called “Defending Democracy,” which published the episode on Friday, April 19. The show is hosted by Paige Moskowitz and Marc Elias, and covers “the latest in voting rights, redistricting, and democracy.”

During that interview, Clinton claimed that the former president was “gaga over Putin” because the Russian president “does what Trump would like to do,” that is, “kill” and “imprison” his political opponents, to “drive journalists and others into exile,” and to rule over the US free of checks and balances. Clinton warned voters about these alleged aspirations and urged voters to make sure they reject Trump at the polls

Clinton, who’s had a bone to pick with Trump ever since she lost to him in the 2016 presidential election, played up President Joe Biden and his qualities, describing him as “effective and compassionate” despite his advanced age. Meanwhile, she labeled Trump as “old” and said his demeanor was comparatively autocratic.

The Trump campaign responded to Clinton’s comments. A spokesperson dismissed the comment as “delusional” and said Clinton was still suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Regarding Biden’s effectiveness and compassion compared to Trump, whom Clinton characterized as “old” while avoiding that description for the president, polls show that public opinion on the age question and mental aptitude remains divided. According to a recent poll, only 38% said they believed Biden could survive another four years in office, which raises questions about whether or not a vote for Biden is actually a vote for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Although some are also concerned about Trump’s age at 77, which is not too far off from Biden at 81, polls show that voters are generally less concerned about the former president’s mental sharpness and physical fitness compared to Biden.

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