Bartiromo Grills MTG For Trying To Oust Speaker Johnson

( – Fox host Maria Bartiromo grilled Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene about whether she intends to file a second motion to vacate the chair after Speaker Mike Johnson promoted a $95 billion foreign aid bill. Specifically, Bartiromo asked what Republicans would do if Taylor Greene successfully removed Johnson from the Speaker’s post.

Ms. Taylor Greene made no secret of her feelings about Johnson. She said he “betrayed” America by “passing the Democrat agenda” and funding the Biden administration’s policies. The Georgia Rep. urged Republicans in Congress to fight the “uni party” agenda and separate the GOP from Democrats, giving American voters a genuine choice.

Praising Donald Trump’s Presidency, Taylor Greene added that Americans are desperate for America First leadership, and Mr. Johnson has failed to deliver it. “Mike Johnson’s leadership is over,” she said. The Congresswoman then called on the Speaker to resign and “do the right thing.”

Bartiromo pushed the controversial Republican on whether she would file another ousting motion, but she would not expand any further except to say that Mr. Johnson’s time in the chair is ending, regardless of what he does from now on.

In March, Taylor Greene filed a motion against Johnson but acknowledged she did not have widespread GOP support at the time. Nevertheless, she described the filing as a warning to the Speaker. Raj Shah, a spokesperson for Mr. Johnson, said he always listens to Republican concerns but will continue with his conservative agenda and promote legislation that secures America’s border and strengthens national defense.

Johnson’s support of the government’s $1.2 trillion spending bill prompted Taylor Greene’s action because she believed he did not do enough to negotiate Republican priorities into the legislation. The spending package passed through the House by 286 votes to 134 – with opposition from more than 100 Republicans. Taylor Greene accused Speaker Johnson of promoting a Democratic budget, and she was not alone. Rep. Bob Good of Virginia agreed, saying he could not defend Mr. Johnson’s actions.

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