Poll: Trump Leads Biden

(ConservativeSense.com) – A new poll shows former President Donald Trump is holding a slight lead over sitting President Joe Biden as the two gear up for a rematch in one of the nation’s most controversial contests.

NBC News conducted the survey earlier this month and published the data on Sunday, April 21. The poll found that 46% of respondents support the former president in the upcoming election, while 44% were throwing their lot in with Biden. In January, Trump came in at 47% and Biden at 42%. A USA Today report claims Biden is closing the gap, and the two are generally neck and neck.

The survey polled 1,000 respondents from a scattered sample of registered voters by cellphone questionnaire administered between April 12 and 16 with a 3.1 percentage point margin of error. Despite having the apparent edge over Biden, Trump’s place is hard to measure definitively when considering that margin of error.

The poll also looked at different demographics and found that Trump attracted more male voters than female. It also found Trump was more popular among white Americans and non-college-educated voters. Biden, in comparison, had higher numbers among female voters and black and Latino American voters. Young voters were evenly split, as well as independents.

USA Today and Suffolk University released a poll last month that showed Trump slightly ahead with 40% support, while Biden gained 38%.

The NBC News poll also looked at key issues for voters in the approaching election. The top polling concerns were the cost of living, inflation, and the border and immigration crisis. Regarding the issue of abortion, Biden’s stance was more popular among voters, while Trump’s position on how to handle inflation gained more support. Trump was also perceived as more physically and mentally fit for the job.

Finally, the poll also looked at respondents’ interest in the upcoming election and found it was waning. Sixty-four percent expressed a high interest in the upcoming contest, which Republican pollster Bill McInturff called “off-the-charts low” compared to previous years, and that it could indicate a lower voter turnout in 2024.

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