Trump Widens Lead on Biden Due to Economy And Border

( – Another poll indicates that former President Donald Trump’s general lead over President Joe Biden is widening, reaching a new 4-point high as the two candidates prepare for a likely rematch in November.

The latest CBS News/YouGov poll shows that voters are losing patience with Biden’s presidency, with 48% expressing support for him in contrast to Trump, who came in at 52% in a hypothetical rematch. Of those supporters, 51% said their decision was based on actually liking Trump, while only 31% of Biden’s supporters said they liked him.

The poll showed numerous other negative signs for the president’s re-election campaign. Sixty-six percent said they felt things in the country weren’t going well; 30% said things were going “somewhat badly,” and 36% said “very badly.” Forty-five percent feel Biden has done a poor job as president. Forty-five percent also consider the situation at the southern border to be “a crisis,” and 50% believe that the crisis would get worse if Biden serves a second term, in contrast to Trump, whom 72% of respondents said would reduce the flow of illegal immigrants if elected again.

Thirty-seven percent of respondents also said they believed that the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) efforts enacted by Democrats have gone “too far.” The same amount said that the GOP positions on DEI are just “about right.” Fifty-five percent said another Biden term would jack up prices further, while 44% said a second term for Trump would drive prices down.

The 2,159 US adults were also asked about the candidates’ health, of which 45% believed Trump was “physically healthy enough” for a second term while only 17% felt that way about Biden. Trump also received a 17-point lead on the question of “mental and cognitive health,” 43%-26%.

The president’s health and cognitive abilities have come into question even more ever since Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report excusing Biden from criminal prosecution for mishandling classified government documents, citing his “poor memory” as one of the reasons Biden could not stand trial. Multiple surveys have since shown that most Americans are not confident in Biden’s ability to continue serving in the White House.

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