Trump, DeSantis Meet Privately in Florida

( – Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis has privately met with Donald Trump and will assist his Presidential campaign. The two former allies, who became rivals in the GOP primary race, have not spoken for months, but Trump is reportedly keen to bring DeSantis donors and supporters on board for his third White House race.

Mr. DeSantis stepped away from the Presidential campaign and endorsed former President Trump after the Iowa primary result. During remarks announcing his departure, DeSantis said it was clear that Republicans wanted Donald Trump and believed he was the victim of Democrat “lawfare.” He accused the Department of Justice of persecuting Mr. Trump to prevent him from returning to the Oval Office.

Mutual acquaintance Steve Wifkoff orchestrated the reunion between the two Republicans, and the former President later described the encounter as a “great meeting.” Mr. Trump wrote on his Truth Social media account that he is happy to have the “full and enthusiastic” support of Florida’s Governor.

Some commentators suggest that DeSantis has plans for a 2028 Presidential race and believes Trump’s support will provide a major boost.

The two men share a contentious history that became increasingly bitter during the GOP primaries. Trump, who endorsed DeSantis for Florida Governor, said his rival was ungrateful for his prior support and referred to him as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

The coronavirus pandemic initially pitted DeSantis against then-President Trump, as the latter disagreed with the White House’s lockdown policies. By 2021, speculation about a potential DeSantis Presidential run prompted Trump to downplay the suggestion and repeatedly note his role in elevating him to the Governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. In November 2022, Trump first used the name “DeSanctimonious” after it became more apparent that the Floridian had an eye on the Oval Office.

When DeSantis formally announced his entry to the GOP primaries in May 2023, Trump was furious. He called DeSantis “disloyal,” while Governor DeSantis accused Trump of weakness and failing to fulfill his policy promises during his first term in office.

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