Trump Claims That There Is a ‘100 Percent Chance of Major Terror Attacks’

( – Former President Donald Trump has another stark warning for America: expect more terrorist attacks due to the Biden administration’s open border policies.

In another one of his rants on his social media platform Truth Social, Trump said that the US had “the strongest and safest border” in the country’s history three years ago, when he was still president. Now, he says the border is “a catastrophe waiting to happen.” Trump went as far as to say the US-Mexico border is the worst “in the history of the world,” and compared it to “an open wound.”

The former president also warned that terrorists “are pouring in” from all over the world unchecked, which he said means another major terrorist attack in the US is a certainty.

The US-Mexico border, especially the sector in Eagle Pass, has now become the center of an ongoing and escalating battle between the Lone Star State and the federal government, who are currently disputing how the immigration crisis should be handled.

The conflict escalated on Jan. 10 after Border Patrol agents were turned away from the Shelby Park area of Eagle Pass by state law enforcement after receiving a report from Mexico that three people died trying to cross the Rio Grande River. The two sides then blamed one another.

Eagle Pass is one of the sectors where Texas has installed razor wire and gates, which Border Patrol have been cutting and lifting in some places to allow illegal immigrants to cross. Texas temporarily put a stop to that until the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the federal government’s appeal, allowing them to continue removing the wire. Abbott defied the order and continued installing the razor wire, and Republican governors and politicians have been rallying behind Texas, including Trump.

The former president responded to the feud by encouraging “all willing States to deploy” their National Guard to Texas in order to stop the illegal crossings and send those breaking the law back over the border.

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