Trump Calls Dems True Radicals on Abortion

( – Former President Donald Trump recently announced his official position on abortion, which he said should be left up to the individual states to decide, and is now flipping the script on the issue by accusing the Democrats of being the true “radicals” on the issue.

Trump posted a 4-minute-long video on his social media platform Truth Social on Monday morning, April 8, in which he went into detail about his official position on abortion. He began the message by expressing support for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and praising efforts in Alabama to codify the practice into law, which he said it supported by most Americans and most Republicans.

Trump then shifted to abortion, which he said he personally only supports in particular cases involving rape, incest, or a danger to the mother’s life. He went on to take credit for rolling back Roe v. Wade through the judges he appointed, ending a 50-year battle fought by the GOP. Ultimately, Trump concluded that the current state of abortion law after the 2022 Supreme Court ruling should remain where it is, meaning the issue should remain up to each individual state and its voters to decide, stopping short of supporting a federal ban.

That same afternoon, Trump also posted a video of Ralph Northam, former governor of Virginia, in which he was asked about a bill from 2019 that would have eased restrictions in Virginia for abortions in the third trimester. Northam said if a mother decides to have an abortion at the last minute, even while in labor, the child “would be delivered” and “kept comfortable” but would not “be resuscitated” unless the mother and family desire it, resulting in “a discussion” between the mother and physicians.

Trump said Northam’s remarks mean infants “would be executed after birth.” He added that Democrats are the true “radicals on abortion.” Ultimately, Trump believes it is now up to each state and its voters “to do the right thing” and decide whether to end abortion or not in their jurisdictions.

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