State’s Democrat Governor Mobilizes National Guard Amid Attempt At Border Deal

( – In another indication that the situation at the border is worsening, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs just mobilized her state’s National Guard troops to assist with the ongoing immigration crisis, impacting the border state harder than any other.

The Arizona governor signed an executive order on Saturday, Dec. 16, mobilizing the Guard to the border, which she says the federal government refuses to secure, to help law enforcement deal with specific issues related to the immigration crisis, such as drug smuggling and human trafficking. The Tucson Sector has been especially impacted by the new migrant waves flooding over the border, setting a new record earlier in the month for weekly encounters, reaching over 17,500.

In a statement announcing the executive order, Hobbs accused the federal government of “refusing to do its job” to secure the US border and keep its “communities safe.” She said she is “taking action where the federal government won’t.” Hobbs then called for help, saying that Arizona “can’t stand alone” and “needs resources” as well as “manpower” to keep the border “secure, orderly, and humane” while managing “the flow of migrants.”

Hobbs maintains that despite her “continued requests for assistance,” the White House refuses “to deliver desperately needed resources” to the border.

President Joe Biden and his administration have been taking criticism from both sides of the political aisle, with more and more Democrats blasting the federal government for not providing sufficient resources to aid impacted communities. The administration, which has asked Congress to authorize more funding and immigration reform, continues to assure concerned lawmakers and the public that it’s dealing with the situation.

On top of the $800 million already given to states and various non-governmental organizations to assist with immigrants released inside the US, the Biden administration recently asked for $14 billion more in emergency funding, including $1.4 billion toward “shelter and services” for immigrants released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Biden claims he’s open to considering “significant compromises” as Republicans and Democrats in Congress remain gridlocked over how much funding to allocate and what sort of restrictions are necessary at the border.

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