Speaker Johnson Targeted by Fetterman On Biden Impeachment Push

(ConservativeSense.com) – Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman mocked House Speaker Mike Johnson when he confirmed that the GOP would pursue President Biden’s impeachment. In a CNN interview, Mr. Fetterman scathingly said, “Impeachment! Oh, my God. That bad, bad man. It’s so scary. Oh, no!” He repeated his claim that the inquiry is politically driven and argued it could help President Biden in 2024.

Fetterman has previously ridiculed GOP efforts to impeach the president, saying it is a distraction from Donald Trump’s many legal woes. His latest remarks came after House Speaker Johnson confirmed in a media interview that Congress “has a duty” to pursue impeachment. “The Constitution requires the House to follow the truth where it leads,” Johnson told Fox News on December 2, and he confirmed that Republicans hope to put the matter to a House vote in December.

Since taking the Speaker’s gavel last month, Mr. Johnson has repeatedly affirmed his support for the GOP investigation into President Biden’s links to his son’s complex international business dealings. The House Judiciary Committee, House Ways and Means Committee, and House Oversight Committee are conducting the probe and have released an interim report alleging special treatment by federal agencies toward Hunter Biden.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer also publicized bank records showing payments from Hunter Biden to his father—money he had received from Chinese companies. Based on those findings, Johnson said, “The evidence is so clear you cannot look away.”

A president’s impeachment was rare in the past, but Democrats pursued two against Donald Trump. The process starts in the House of Representatives, where more than half of the members must vote to proceed. It then passes to the Senate, where a trial takes place. If two-thirds of senators vote to find the president guilty, they are removed from office.

Before Trump was twice found not guilty, Bill Clinton was the last president to face impeachment in 1998. Before that, it was President Johnson back in 1868.

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