Republican Says Party Base ‘Infected’ by Russian Propaganda

( – A GOP Congressman is warning that Russian propaganda has “infected” the Republican party’s base. House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Michael McCaul said the Kremlin is influencing lawmakers, prompting them to back away from approving an aid package to Ukraine. The legislation granting $60 billion to support the Ukrainian war effort has stalled in Congress as the GOP-controlled House of Representatives refuses to pass the Senate-approved bill.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has cautioned that his country may lose the war without US help, and many believe Russian victory will encourage President Vladimir Putin to invade other European nations and spark global conflict. Mr. Putin, however, insists he has no such plans.

In an interview with the Washington Post in March, Mr. Zelensky warned that without America, his country has no air defense, missiles, and, crucially, 155-millimeter artillery rounds. “It means we will go back, retreat, step by step, in small steps,” he said. The President furthermore warned that Russia plans major offensive operations through the summer, which experts say has made Ukraine extremely anxious.

Rep. McCaul of Texas is among those who believe Russian victory will spur a wider conflict. He described the Ukrainian war effect as in America’s interests and speculated that Putin will target Moldova, Georgia, and other states in the region, bringing conflict to NATO’s door.

Under pressure from Donald Trump, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson has previously said he would not permit a vote on the package in the House. However, he signaled he may have changed his mind in early April.

Speaking to Fox News, he suggested a new standalone bill could be imminent after the Easter break, and Republicans need to recognize the importance of bipartisanship on critical issues.

Endorsing a bill could threaten Mr. Johnson’s Speakership, however, as Republicans lose enthusiasm for Ukraine. In March, after Johnson helped pass the latest government spending bill, Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to vacate the chair, describing it as a warning to the Speaker.

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