Rep. Mike Lawler: Jewish Dems Quiet on Antisemitism In Order To Get Votes

( – Republican Rep. Mike Lawler believes that Jewish lawmakers are not speaking out about the protests across university campuses, which he called antisemitic, because they are trying to maintain voter support for Democrats leading into the presidential election in November.

Lawler appeared on Newsmax on Monday, April 29, and told the hosts of “Wake Up America” that Trump won the White House in 2016 by “80,000 votes in three states” and then lost in 2020 by “40,000 votes in three states.” Lawler said that when talking about the upcoming election, it should be remembered that it will be decided “by a handful of votes in a handful of states.”

The congressman said he believes this is why Democratic lawmakers “are freaking out” about how to respond to the pro-Palestinian protests and the reason they aren’t cracking down on antisemitism on university campuses because it is costing them votes.

Lawler then brought up Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who he called the “highest-ranking Jewish official” in the country. Taking a jab at Schumer, he said Schumer had been “silent” about the protests. Schumer’s neighborhood was also recently swarmed by protesters unhappy about the Majority Leader’s pro-Israeli stance on the war with Hamas and calling for a cease-fire.

The day after Lawler’s remarks, Schumer commented on the recent takeover of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University by protesters, condemning the action and stating that “smashing windows” and taking over buildings was “not free speech.” He also called the targeting of Jewish students “unacceptable” and “loathful.”

Ultimately, Lawler believes that Democrats are generally holding back on totally supporting Israel by trying to shift blame onto Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of the “electoral impact” a solid position in support of Israel would have on states like Minnesota or Michigan.

Lawler said that there needs to be a serious crackdown on antisemitism in the US and that he would put forward legislation to try and address the problem. He calls it the “Antisemitism Awareness Act” and says that it will be coming for a vote in the House soon.

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