Prince Harry Loses Police Security Lawsuit

( – Prince Harry has lost a legal battle against the UK government, which refused to maintain his state-funded security when he stepped away from the Royal family. The British Home Office decided in 2020 that the Prince no longer qualified for armed protection from London’s Metropolitan Police, and the King’s son challenged the decision in court. The latest review similarly found that Harry is not entitled to state protection except in circumstances such as a formal Royal event.

The ruling will likely be a blow to the Prince, who is rumored to be considering a return to his home country. He has lived in California with his American wife, Meghan Markle, since he left the UK and resigned from Royal life. Media reports say Harry and Meghan have discussed returning to Britain since Harry visited his father recently following the King’s cancer diagnosis.

An unnamed source told reporters that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wish to revive their Royal status and build bridges with the rest of the family. Royal observers say this may be difficult, however, after Harry’s tell-all book painted many family members in an unflattering light. Prince William, Harry’s older brother and heir to the throne, was reportedly particularly angered by the book and has since had little contact with his brother.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump added to the Royal couple’s problems and told them he will not “protect” Harry if he is re-elected to the White House in November. Speaking to reporters at the recent CPAC conference in Washington, DC, Trump said Prince Harry had “betrayed the Queen,” which was unforgivable. Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, died in 2022 at age 96.

Trump’s remarks could further damage the Prince, who also faces a legal battle in the US over his immigration status.

The conservative Heritage Foundation filed a lawsuit against Homeland Security, arguing that Harry’s visa to the US was “improperly granted” because the Royal admitted using drugs in his tell-all bestseller, Spare.

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