Police Are Not Stopping Illegal Aliens Driving Without License Plates

(ConservativeSense.com) – A new report from the Daily Signal found that Washington, D.C. police are refraining from enforcing license plate laws against illegal aliens in the nation’s capital.

Numerous individuals interviewed in that report admitted to entering the US illegally and are currently working in food delivery using motorbikes without license plates. The Daily Signal sought to investigate a noticeable increase in motorbikes zipping around the city without plates and found that the illegal aliens riding them are typically not stopped by police for lacking license plates on these vehicles.

D.C. law requires the registration of almost every type of motorized vehicle and for those vehicles to display the necessary license plates while it is being operated. The driver is also required to have a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Local motorized bike retailers told reporters that law enforcement simply ignored the illegal aliens further breaking D.C. law by using unregistered bikes and driving without a license. One shop employee, unknowingly speaking to a reporter, confessed to helping the immigrants break the law by providing fake plates for bikes to draw away suspicion.

At least a dozen people driving spoke with the undercover reporters, and most admitted to crossing the southern border illegally. They would not identify themselves but confirmed that police tend to leave them alone and do not take any measures to ensure property vehicle registration, insurance, or driver’s license.

When asked for comment, a Metropolitan Police Department spokesman said those illegally driving are “testing their luck” and that the MPD is “working to strengthen… traffic enforcement.”

Lawless driving is just one of several problems arising throughout cities from the influx of immigration across the US. Many are purchasing these motorized bikes on the taxpayer’s dime, who are footing the bill to care for large portions of immigrants settling in after crossing the border.

From New York to Chicago, illegal aliens are congregating where they think opportunities and money will be found, and they are receiving assistance in the form of shelter and social services. Since President Joe Biden took office, millions have come over the border, creating a crisis that is surely hemorrhaging votes from the president in the upcoming election.

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