Offensive Sign Hung Outside GOP Congressman’s Office

( – An antisemitic sign was posted outside the office of pro-Israel Congressman Tim Walberg on December 11. The cartoon images were stuck to a tree next to Mr. Walberg’s window and feature illustrations suggesting that Jews control American politicians with money and that Jewish people will prompt America’s collapse.

The cartoons included an image of Uncle Sam removing his hat to reveal a kippah underneath, with the caption “Jew u$ury buys USA pols.” The second image shows an American flag, but with the flag of Israel where the stars should be. It reads, “Our once great nation’s downfall. Solution: Name the Jew.”

Congressman Walberg, who has a long history of supporting Israel, said antisemitism is sweeping America and is the result of “a lack of morality and genuine education.” He added that the behavior of universities in the wake of the terror attack on Israel on October 7 has contributed to their growth.

It is the second time in weeks that antisemitism has visited Mr. Walberg’s Michigan office. In October, following the Hamas attack on the Jewish state, the Congressman placed a sign in his lobby reading, “I stand with Israel,” and this was soon defaced with two red handprints. At the time, he said the vandalism was possibly “an inside job” carried out by a staff member.

The Michigan Congressman, however, has defended his fellow Great Lakes State lawmaker, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and opposed a recent resolution to censure her. “On the issue of the First Amendment, I cannot support the censorship of Rashida,” he said.

Nonetheless, the censure did come in November, and during the Congressional debate, Tlaib faced accusations of promoting falsehoods. Central to the formal rebuke of the Congresswoman was her defense of the phrase “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free,” which is often chanted at pro-Palestinian rallies and calls for the elimination of Israel. Many even believe the phrase advocates for the genocide of Jews.

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