NYC Security on High Alert Following Pro-Palestinian Group’s Alarming Map

( – A pro-Hamas group last week shared a now-deleted post showing a map of the locations of New York City newsrooms, landmarks, and businesses that called for “direct action” to “globalize” the Palestinian intifada, the New York Post reported.

The group, Within Our Lifetime, urged its followers to target the locations that it described as “an office of an enemy,” both of Palestinians and other “colonized people” in the world. It claimed that once the locations were targeted, they would become “sites for popular mobilization in defense of our people.”

The group said the map would “serve as a call for every struggle” to act in their interest and to “uplift” every struggle to “free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

A spokesperson for New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement that the mayor has made it clear that “hate has no place” in New York. The spokesperson said the city is continuing to monitor multiple social media platforms for possible threats to New York.

The NYPD was notified of the map and deployed appropriate resources to maintain public safety in those locations, the spokesperson said.

While Within Our Lifetimes did not explain why the locations were selected or what specific “direct action” should be taken, New York lawmakers denounced the group for the now-deleted map.

Congressman Richie Torres, a Democrat representing the Bronx, described the map as another example of the “coded calls for violence against Jews” that have been cropping up on social media.

Mark Levine, Manhattan Borough President, called the post “reprehensible” and “dangerous.” He said the map was a clear incitement against “predominantly Jewish institutions.”

In a statement to the New York Post, Levine expressed his gratitude to the NYPD for “taking this threat seriously” and said he rejected the group’s “hateful language.”

Since the October 7 terrorist attacks and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war against Hamas, New York City’s five boroughs have seen a 214 percent increase in antisemitic incidents.

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