NYC Mayor Adams’ Devices Seized Amid FBI Campaign Investigation

( – As part of an ongoing investigation by New York City Mayor Eric Adams into allegations that his 2021 campaign illegally accepted donations from the government of Turkey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized the mayor’s electronic devices.

Adams was approached on the street by FBI agents, who presented him with a warrant and seized the mayor’s devices, including an iPad and two cell phones. Boyd Johnson, a campaign attorney for Adams, said that after they learned of the investigation, they “discovered that an individual recently acted improperly.” Johnson claims that the campaign has been transparent and cooperative by “immediately and proactively” reporting the behavior to investigators.”

Johnson added that Adams “has been and remains committed to cooperating” with investigators, who approached the mayor last Monday night after an event. Johnson says Adams complied “immediately” with the request and handed over his devices, and that the mayor hasn’t “been accused of any wrongdoing.”

Adams, who noted he is “a former member of law enforcement,” said that he expects all of his staff members “to follow the law and fully cooperate” with investigators, which he says he will also continue to do. Adams maintains that he has “nothing to hide.”

Over a week before, the home of 25-year-old Brianna Suggs was raided by the FBI, which seized two laptops, three iPhones, documents, and additional evidence. Suggs was one of Adams’ campaign consultants. Also seized from her residence were a “manila folder” with a label that said “Eric Adams” and various “contribution card binders,” according to the search warrant.

A Brooklyn construction company is also being probed by investigators for connections to Turkey and a small Washington, D.C., university with ties to the Middle Eastern nation and to Adams.

While the NYC mayor deals with the FBI probe, he also continues to deal with the ongoing migrant crisis caused by the poorly regulated southern border. Over 120,000 new arrivals have entered the Big Apple over the last 20 months, and the city’s resources are being pushed to the brink as Adams runs out of options to house and feed the migrants.

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