Mexican Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Wife

( – An illegal alien from Mexico who recently crossed the border into the US was charged with murdering his wife last week in front of their children.

On Thursday, April 4, prosecutors announced that Baltazar Perez-Estrada, 33, a Mexican national who crossed into the United States illegally, was charged with murdering Maricela Simon Franco, 26, in front of their two children.

The announcement came from Carol Stream Chief of Police Don Cummings and DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, who confirmed that Perez-Estrada would face trial for killing Franco on Sunday night, March 31, in their apartment during a domestic altercation. According to their statement, turned himself in the following morning around 11:30 AM at the Carol Stream Police Department and admitted to stabbing his wife.

After taking him into custody, the officers “immediately opened an investigation” and found that he and France “got into a verbal altercation” around 10 PM in their apartment “the previous evening.” The prosecutors said the argument allegedly resulted in a fight during which Perez-Estrada stabbed his wife “dozens of times,” striking her throughout her body, on her head, hands, and neck, “nearly decapitating her head.” The statement said Franco was pronounced dead at the scene.

The investigation also found that Perez-Estrada had just arrived in the US “approximately two weeks ago,” before which he was “residing in Mexico.” On top of charges for entering the country illegally, he was also hit with five first-degree murder counts. His arraignment is scheduled for April 25.

Cummings called the murder a “senseless and brutal act” that removed the victim from her family’s lives and “robbed two young children of their mother.” Berlin said Perez-Estrada’s crime “will not be tolerated” and promised that he would be “prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

The murder is the latest in a string of brutal crimes committed by illegal aliens across the country amid President Joe Biden’s lighter border policies and the ongoing immigration crisis. The most notable case was the murder of Laken Riley, a Georgia medical student, while she was out jogging on campus.

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