Lara Trump Wants Debates, Sooner Than Later

( – Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair Lara Trump has called for a debate between the current and former Presidents as soon as possible. Ms. Trump made the remarks after Joe Biden recently stated he was ready to debate the former President. During a TV interview, President Biden assured the American public that he was “happy” to take on the challenge and confront Donald Trump face to face.

Lara Trump said Republicans urgently need to keep President Biden to his word. She added that she believes the Biden campaign probably panicked when the President promised to debate Trump, and the GOP must get in front of it and make sure an event is arranged. “We need to see these two men on stage, side by side, talking about what they did in their presidencies,” she said.

The former President’s daughter-in-law became co-chair of the RNC in March, joining Michael Whatley at the top of the committee. At a meeting in Houston, members agreed to replace Ronna McDaniel, a Trump loyalist who he credited with helping him win Michigan in 2016. He endorsed her again in 2020, but falling donations and midterm losses prompted an examination of her position, and she resigned in February.

Donald Trump made it clear he wanted loyalists in her place, and he chose Michael Whatley, chair of the North Carolina GOP. He faced criticism, however, for a conspicuous takeover of the Republican party and for indicating his continued insistence that the 2020 election was rigged by installing Whatley, who also firmly believes this.

That is not Whatley’s only contentious opinion. In April, he included Ukraine in a list of America’s adversaries. He said the US was weak under Biden, who has shown Ukraine and other foreign countries that they can take advantage of America and meddle in internal affairs. Describing Biden’s leadership as “feckless,” Mr. Whatley compared Ukraine to China and Iran, saying that they currently feel free to “be much more aggressive.”

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