Judge Blocks State’s Ban On Gun Shows At Country Fairs For Violating Rights

(ConservativeSense.com) – A federal judge blocked California’s ban on gun shows at county fairs, saying this was a Second Amendment rights infringement and that the state has no legal basis to prevent the purchase or sale of weapons at a fair because those transactions would be lawful in any gun store. US District Judge Mark Holcomb ended the enforcement of two laws introduced by Democrat Senator Dave Min, one of which banned gun sales at the Orange County Fair and the other that prevented firearms from being sold on any fair on state-owned land.

Judge Holcomb wrote, “California’s interest in stopping crimes committed with illegal weapons, as important as it is, cannot justify prohibiting the complete sale of lawful firearms at gun shows.”

Mr. Min called the ruling “shocking” and said the legislation, in place since 2022, served as a “critical line of defense” against the proliferation of firearms offenses in the state.

Gun-control groups also slammed the decision, saying gun shows facilitate weapons sales that would otherwise be unlawful, such as “straw purchases,” by people ineligible for gun ownership. They also argue that guns at fairs make weapons attractive to children.

Chuck Michel of the Pistol and Rifle Association asserts that fairs offer a rare opportunity to teach children about safety, but “gun control politics” is standing in the way.

California’s Attorney General Rob Bonta argued the case in court and asked the judge for a stay to leave the laws in place for ten days until an appeal could be prepared. Judge Holcomb refused, saying the state had not presented evidence to justify a stay, such as the likelihood of a successful appeal, or that the public would be endangered if a stay was not granted.

The Golden State’s Democrats are among the nation’s most vocal and active anti-gun activists. Governor Gavin Newsom has even suggested states should be permitted to initiate unconstitutional legislation. He advocates a new constitutional amendment allowing gun control at the state level.

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