Johnson Tells State To Axe Sanctuary City Status In Return For Migrant Funding

( – House Speaker Mike Johnson urged New York City to give up its “sanctuary” city status if it wants federal funds to address the migrant surge. Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, expressed confidence that fellow GOP lawmakers would propose a rollback of policies hindering local police cooperation with federal immigration officials.

The request comes as President Biden seeks $1.4 billion from Congress to support states and cities in providing shelter and services for migrants at the United States-Mexico border. Mayor Eric Adams, along with other mayors, has asked for $5 billion in funding.

Johnson criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, labeling him “one of the worst Cabinet secretaries in the history of the United States of America,” citing the administration’s mishandling of the ongoing border crisis. He emphasized the destructive impact, including a surge in apprehensions, fentanyl-related deaths, drug crimes, and human trafficking, attributing these issues to policy decisions.

Johnson also discussed the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, describing it as approaching an “inflection point” after subpoenas were issued to Hunter Biden and James Biden. He urged a continued investigation into the family, emphasizing the need for an ironclad case based on evidence.

Drawing on his experience as a surrogate for ex-President Donald Trump during his impeachments, Johnson highlighted the GOP’s deliberate approach, in contrast to what he perceived as the Democrats’ “weaponization” of impeachment.

He raised concerns about the Biden family’s foreign dealings influencing US policy, particularly regarding China. Johnson questioned Biden’s “soft” stance on China and linked it to Hunter and James Biden’s past dealings with Chinese state-owned entities.

The interview took place in Johnson’s office, overlooking the National Mall and the Washington Monument, with the House Speaker expressing confidence that the GOP inquiry into Biden would follow the evidence and truth.

Johnson’s call for NYC to abandon sanctuary status aligns with GOP proposals. He criticized Mayorkas and emphasized the destructive consequences of border policy decisions.

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